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Same day Crowns

Dental crowns address broken, cracked teeth, large cavities, and damaged teeth. The process for dental crowns requires two separate appointments to complete. At Wedgewood Dental, keeping the need of our patients, we have invested in CEREC technology to provide same-day dental crowns to save your time and efforts.

How It Works

CEREC technology allows us to create customized porcelain crown restorations right here in our dental office. The device can be made and bonded on your teeth on the same day. 

First, our dentists will prepare the affected tooth for a device and take precise measurements for the restoration. Next, using the CEREC Acquisition Unit, we will take a digital image of your tooth. This 3D software system will then convert the digital image of your tooth into a three-dimensional model.

Once the model has been created, the restorative device will be designed on the computer screen right before your eyes and usually takes about five minutes. When your new dental restoration design is approved, we will send the image to the CEREC Milling Unit, which will fabricate your device out of a block of ceramic that will be selected based on the shade of your existing teeth. In twenty minutes, your new device will be complete and ready for polish. After checking the crowns fit and bite, we will place your new restoration right on the spot using dental adhesives.

Why the CEREC System?

The CEREC system is a modern innovation in the cosmetic and restorative dentistry field. There are several reasons why our patients love this system, including the following:

  • Immediate Results 

The waiting time to receive your dental crown is eliminated. You can walk out with a rehabilitated smile on the very same day. 

  • No Discomfort 

We are aware that the conventional method of taking molds of your teeth can be pretty messy and uncomfortable. The CEREC system will accomplish that with a simple scan.

  • No Temporary Devices 

In some situations, receiving restorative procedures will require wearing a temporary device while your final product is being fabricated. With CEREC, you can have your well-fitted, customized device immediately.

  • Hands-On Experience 

As the device is created right in front of you, choosing the look of your restoration is in your hands. You can ensure the restoration looks just right for you.

At Wedgewood Dental, we utilize advanced technology to create smooth, comfortable treatments for our patients. We understand our patients have hectic lives, and we want to make dentistry processes convenient and affordable without compromising quality.  Visit us at 713 Salem Avenue Suite A, Rolla MO 65401 or 1116 S. Main Street, Salem MO 65560. You can also reach us at (573)368-7325 or (573)729-7701.


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