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Are Dentures Right for Me?

Are Dentures Right for Me?

Tooth loss can occur as a result of age, tooth decay, or even trauma. Statistics show that over 36 million Americans are without any teeth while another 120 million Americans have at least one tooth missing.

Regardless of why you are missing teeth, it is possible to restore the appearance of your smile and the function of your teeth. Dentures are commonly used to do this here in Rollo, Missouri. Below, we will learn more about the benefits of dentures and the different types of dentures available.

Benefits of Dentures

There are numerous benefits to getting dentures, including cosmetic enhancement and the ability to speak and chew more efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

  • Natural, Confident Appearance

Dentures are designed to provide a natural and cohesive look, which means no one will know you don’t have real teeth. In addition, your face can appear sunken when you are missing teeth. Dentures can improve the appearance of your face, so you feel more confident in the way you look.

  • Prevent Further Damage

If you are opting for partial dentures because you still have some healthy teeth, then they will help to prevent wear and tear on the natural teeth. This is because the denture will help ensure biting and chewing forces are distributed evenly throughout the mouth. In addition, the oral bone structure tends to deteriorate once teeth are lost. The use of dentures can slow this deterioration down.

  • No Diet Restrictions

When you are missing teeth, you may be unable to eat some of your favorite foods. When you get dentures, this is no longer a concern. There are no restrictions when it comes to your diet, as dentures will allow you to eat the same foods you once enjoyed before you started to lose teeth. Keep in mind that there may be some foods you should consume in moderation to preserve the life of your dentures.

  • Easy to Maintain

Dentures can be cleaned while in your mouth like regular teeth, or you can store them in a glass of water or solution when they are not being worn.

Different Types of Dentures

Custom-made to fulfill your individual needs and fit your mouth perfectly, dentures are removable false teeth that can restore your eating ability, help you speak more efficiently, and improve your smile. There are numerous types of dentures, but let’s take a look at the most common ones.

  • Full Dentures

Also referred to as complete dentures, full dentures are designed to replace all of your teeth. These dentures rest on the gums since they cannot anchor to existing teeth. Full dentures will replace immediate dentures after two or three months.

  • Immediate Dentures

These dentures are the full dentures you will receive from the dental professional to wear while waiting for your custom dentures. Immediate dentures are temporary and are given at the same time the teeth are removed from the mouth.

  • Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when you are keeping some of your teeth and removing the bad ones. There are two types of partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures are connected to the teeth located on either side of the dentures. These cannot be taken out without your dentist. Removable partial dentures have built-in clasps that will clip onto the surrounding teeth. These can be removed as needed without professional help, which makes them extremely convenient.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are just that—dentures supported by implants. Dental implants, which are metal posts, will be placed into the jawbone. These posts eventually become a part of the jaw and are designed to support a full set of dentures, partial dentures, or a single tooth. The implant offers more stability for the dentures, allowing them to remain securely in place.

Which Dentures Are Right for Me?

Each type of denture has a different purpose. The type of dentures you need will vary based on the number of teeth being replaced and where those teeth are located. The way the dentures attach inside the mouth is generally a personal choice.

You must also take your budget into consideration. You will spend more getting customized dentures, but they will often feel more comfortable and look more natural. In order to get an idea of which dentures are right for your particular needs, it's best to speak with your dentist.

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