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Sports Dentistry: Protecting Your Smile During Active Play

Sports Dentistry: Protecting Your Smile During Active Play

During active sports, teeth can be vulnerable to injury. The physical nature of contact sports such as football, or ball sports such as hockey and baseball, means that there is an increased risk of impact to the teeth. While sport in any form should be encouraged, so should the awareness and the importance of safeguarding teeth for those who take part. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at sports dentistry and protecting your smile during active play.

What Risks Are There to Teeth in Sport?

While contact sports pose obvious risks to teeth, it is important to understand that even non-contact activities such as gymnastics, horse riding and cycling have the potential to damage teeth if there is an accident.

Common dental injuries from sports include breaks and chips to the teeth, while more severe injuries could include missing teeth or even fractures to the jaw. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce these risks, while advances in sports dentistry can help to repair the damage in the event of an injury.

The Use of Mouth Guards

One of the most common ways to protect teeth during active sports is by using a mouth guard, also known as a gum shield. These are made with flexible plastics such as silicone and can be molded to the teeth using hot water for a close and individual fit. If an impact to the mouth occurs, a mouthguard provides a layer of cushioning, helping to prevent or minimize damage to the teeth.

Mouth guards are widely available to buy, but for an even better fit they can be custom-made by a dentist. A custom-fit mouthguard is suitable for any sports person, but is especially important for those who find other types of mouth guard uncomfortable to wear, or if it affects their natural breathing. A custom mouthguard also means that a player can focus on their game, rather than being distracted by a poor or uncomfortable fit.

Sports Dentistry

If injury happens to teeth due to a sporting accident, sports dentistry plays an important role in repairing the damage. When professional help is sought quickly after trauma, it improves the chances of restoring the natural look and functioning of the teeth. Whether it is fixing a broken tooth or restoring missing teeth, prompt treatment means that sports people can get back to normal activities and smile with confidence once again.

Another role in sports dentistry is to raise awareness among sports people, or parents of children who take part in sports, about the importance of protecting teeth. With this knowledge in hand, players and parents can take the right steps to protect teeth and enjoy their sports to the fullest.

Further Advice on Sports Dentistry

For those who take part in active sports, understanding how best to protect your teeth is essential. In sports dentistry, promoting the use of mouthguards and educating people on how to protect their teeth play an essential role in the well-being of anyone who plays active sports.

If you would like more advice on sports dentistry, our team of experts is here to answer your questions. Get in touch with your dentist in Rolla, MO today.


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