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Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain Fillings

If you have a chipped tooth or a cavity caused by tooth decay, dental fillings are an appropriate treatment for you. It involves using artificial materials to fill the cracks or cavities and restore the structure and shape of your tooth. Fillings seal off the space and eliminate the possibility of further decay, along with protecting the underlying root. At Wedgewood Dental, we provide customized porcelain fillings to strengthen your tooth and restore the aesthetics of your smile. 

When Do You Need a Dental Filling? 

The most apparent sign that suggests you must opt for dental filling is cavities. But do you know that many times cavities can go unnoticed? It is, therefore, essential to schedule regular dental examinations with our dentists to check for these issues before they become worse. 

During the visit, our dentist will examine each tooth thoroughly and, if necessary, take X-rays. After discovering the problem, we will repair the damage and preserve the appearance and function of your tooth. 

Types of Fillings 

  • Composite Fillings

These fillings match the texture and color of your tooth, hence giving you a natural appearance. They are also chemically bonded with the existing structure of the tooth to provide it with extra support. Composite fillings can also be utilized to fix chips and modify minor gaps in your teeth. 

  • Gold Tooth Fillings

People usually opt for gold fillings because of the strength and durability of the metal. But gold fillings fail to give a natural appearance to your smile and are also more expensive when compared to the other filling materials. 

  • Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain tooth fillings are another versatile option to give you a more natural appearance. They are very durable, and if taken care of efficiently, they can last up to fifteen years.

  • Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are made using acrylic and glass. They are used to fill the gap below your gum line. Over time, these fillings release fluoride that helps strengthen your teeth' surrounding structure. It is durable and protects the tooth structure, giving it the necessary support.

Benefits of Porcelain Fillings

There are several benefits of porcelain fillings, including:

  • They are tooth-colored, reflecting the translucence of natural enamel
  • They can be personalized with your existing teeth
  • They are long-lasting 
  • They are resistant to staining
  • They are sturdy and wear-resistant
  • The  temperature variations do not affect them

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