Veneers Can Give You That Celebrity-Level Smile You've Always Wanted

A smile is a calling card, speaking volumes about you before you even utter a word. And celebrities know this better than most, which is why they make every effort to ensure that the smile that greets their large world is one for the ages. But if you think that your favorite stars are all genetically blessed with straight, white teeth from the start, think again. Many have given themselves an advantage through the amazing cosmetic dental procedures available today, including dental veneers.

At Wedgewood Dentistry, under the experienced leadership of Dr. Linda K. Westmoreland, each of our Rolla, Missouri, patients is a star in our eyes. And to help you look the part, we offer several cosmetic procedures that whiten and straighten your teeth, giving you something to really smile about.

Here’s a look at one of our procedures — dental veneers — and how they can transform your teeth for a celebrity-level smile.

A bright, white solution

Dental veneers are thin, wafer-like shells that we place over the fronts of your teeth. The veneers are made from a composite resin or porcelain, which is a great material that mimics your natural teeth perfectly.

Veneers offer an ideal solution for teeth that resist whitening efforts because of prolonged staining, disease, or simple aging. The enamel that surrounds and protects your teeth is designed to last a lifetime, but not necessarily in the same condition as when you started.

As the years go by, your enamel begins to wear down, which is perfectly natural (though it can be sped up by bad habits like drinking sodas or not brushing daily). As it wears down, the brown dentin underneath begins to show through, which is what gives aging teeth a yellowish color.

With dental veneers, we cover up your enamel with bright, white “shells” that bring new life to aging or stained teeth.

Minor corrections

One of the greatest benefits of dental veneers is that they go beyond just whitening your teeth. Dental veneers can also cover up minor imperfections, such as:

With dental veneers, we can transform your teeth, making them look whiter, straighter, and healthier.

Taking the next step

If you decide that dental veneers are the best option for your teeth, we sit down with you to review which teeth you’d like us to cover, and then we choose the best color and shape. With those decisions made, we prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel in order to make room for the veneers (it’s important to note that once we do this, you’re committed to veneers since your enamel doesn’t grow back).

After your teeth are prepped, we take impressions that we send off to a lab to have your veneers custom manufactured to your specifications. When your veneers come in, you return to our office and we bond them into place, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that they fit together seamlessly. And then you’re free to go and hit your own red carpet with a smile that dazzles.

If you’d like to learn more about how dental veneers can transform your smile, please give us a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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