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How Professional Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Compares to Over-the-Counter Products

Whitening your teeth is the easiest, most painless, and least expensive way to quickly improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Linda Westmoreland at Wedgewood Dental can expertly remove stains and splotches from your teeth in just one visit to our Rolla, Missouri, office.

But you may be wondering if professional teeth whitening is worth it, when you could just pick up some whitening strips from the nearest grocery or drugstore. Dr. Westmoreland explains the difference.

At-home whitening kits

Walk into the oral hygiene aisle at your local store and you’ll likely see rows of whitening rinses, toothpaste, gel strips, and whitening trays. The major benefit to these at-home methods is that they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to use. But expect subpar and varying results.

Whether you choose to swirl around a rinse or stick on some strips, at-home whitening methods take much longer to noticeably whiten your teeth. And your results may be blotchy due to the whitening agent’s limited or intermittent contact with your teeth.

Whitening trays are the most effective of store-bought options, but they aren’t custom-fitted to your teeth, so they’re likely to rub and irritate your gums.

Professional teeth whitening

Our in-office procedure at Wedgewood Dental can brighten your teeth up to eight shades in one visit. The process is simple: We fit dental trays to your lower and upper teeth. The trays contain a powerful whitening solution.

Because this procedure is professionally supervised, our solutions can be much more effective than the ones you’d find at any store.

We cover your lips and gums to protect them from the whitening agent, position an LED lamp over your teeth, and — voila — three 15-minute sessions later, you walk out and dazzle passersby with your new bright smile.

How professional teeth whitening works

The LED light and the bleach in the trays work together to quickly whiten and brighten your teeth. Your whitening appointment takes about two hours: We whiten your teeth in three 15-minute treatments with some downtime in between. After the last treatment, we apply a gel to your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

You can also opt to whiten your teeth gradually. Ask us for an at-home whitening kit, and we’ll fit you for custom dental trays. The solution won’t be as strong as what you receive in-office, but custom-fit whitening trays designed by a dentist are more effective than store-bought kits.

Whether you’ve decided on in-office whitening treatment or a custom take-home kit, call us or book an appointment online right away. You’re one consultation away from achieving a smile you’re proud to flash.

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